Life insurance with the BEST prices in Spain

Life insurance gives you peace of mind that when you die your family, business or anyone that depends on you is catered for.

Life insurance is highly recommended to people of all ages but especially those people who have a young family so that the remaining parent has sufficient funds until the child is able to maintain themselves and prevents a drastic change in lifestyle.

There are different combinations of life insurance. You can include cover for disability payments and for critical illness. You can also have life insurance which is connected to your mortgage repayments so that your mortgage debt is covered in the event of your death.


  • Pays ALL expenses and debts
  • To cover inheritance taxes
  • To cover Funeral expenses
  • To leave your family financially catered for
  • Best prices in Spain offered for life insurance
  • Very easy and straightforward to put a life insurance in place

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What's Included ?

Serious illnesses
Advance on sum insured for death from the following illnesses:
• Cancer. • Bypass surgery. • Heart attack. • Paralysis. • Cardiovascular accident. • Vital organ transplant. • Kidney failure.
In these situations, the main cover will remain and the sum insured will be decreased by the amount that was paid for the serious illness, while any additional cover will be cancelled
Death of both spouses in the same accident
If the insured is in the same accident as their spouse, and has children under 18, the designated beneficiaries will receive an additional sum equal to the death benefit.
Counselling service
In the event of death of the insured, the insurance company provides a professional counselling service to direct family members.
Advance on sum insured for tax payment
If the claim is accepted and we have all the necessary documentation, a maximum sum of €3,000 will be advanced in order to meet the required taxes before we pay the remaining sum insured.

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FAQs on Life Insurance

Is there a certain age that you recommend to take out life insurance?
There is no recommended age but highly recommended to have in place, you never know what is going to happen.
Do I have to go and have a medical check to take out Spanish life insurance?
This depends on the amount that you wish to insure.
If I have to have a medical check to take out life insurance, who arranges this?
We take care of all the arrangements and pay for the medical check to be done
Do you have to be a Spanish resident to take out life insurance?
Yes you have to be a Spanish resident to take out life insurance
I have a mortgage, do I have to take out life insurance with my bank?
Absolutely not, you can take out life insurance with the company of your choice and the bank can be named on your policy and you can be guaranteed a better deal!

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