Comprehensive medical insurance for people living in Spain or planning to live in Spain

The Insurance Centre offers Policies with or without a co-payment excess) with No age limit, giving you access to the best hospitals, doctors and specialists in Spain.

For a large number of Expatriates living in Spain Private Health Insurance is a necessity as many are either not entitled to the public health care or become frustrated with the lengthy waiting times for certain health care procedures.

When applying for a Visa or Spanish Residency a Comprehensive Health Insurance is one of the main requirements in order to obtain entry into Spain. Our policies are fully valid for obtaining your via, Spanish residency and also for Erasmus students.

There are all different types of policies available which lots of people do not realise.

  • You have an option of taking out a policy for having consultations with specialists only. The NHS in Spain is excellent and the primary care is not too bad but should you need to see a specialist then this is where the waiting game starts as the average waiting time to see a specialist is over 180 days and by having a medical policy in place it allows you to see specialists and you would be fast tracking yourself should you need an operation.
  • The next option is to have a reimbursement policy. This means that you can go to any doctor, hospital or specialist of your choice but you would have to pay a small percentage of the medical bill if you do not use the recommended doctors. This policy is ideal for people who do not have a large network of doctors and hospitals around them and don't want to have to travel a long way to get to their nearest doctor. Many sportsmen and women take out this type of policy as well due to the fact that if they get an injury they can use a physiotherapist of their own choice.
  • There is a policy that covers you should you be diagnosed with a serious illness and wish to use any prestigious doctor of your choice on a worldwide basis for your treatment with no prepayments. All the medical bills will be covered along with all the expenses to get you there and the expenses incurred.

★ There is a unique policy available that will cover you on a worldwide basis and will cover you 100 % for any type of treatment and gives you the complete freedom of choice as regards to which hospital, doctor or specialist you want to use in the world.



  • Not valid for obtaining your Residencia/Visa in Spain



  • Valid for obtaining your Residencia/Visa in Spain

What's Included our Health Insurance in Spain?

Primary care
No long waiting lists or lengthy paperwork. You can go to any doctor, specialist or hospital depending on the policy that has been taken out
Dental cover
Dental cover is included in all policies but you do also have an option of taking out just a dental policy.
Worldwide emergency medical care.
Many health insurance companies cover medical care for emergencies that take place abroad during a trip.
Cancer diagnosis & treatment
Best doctors and medical centres offered in Spain
We give you the option to choose your own gynaecologist
Treatment for obesity in children and adult

Why choose The Insurance Centre?

  • 30 years experience
  • Best prices in Spain
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible & extensive range of insurance products
  • Multi-lingual customer service agents
  • Award-winning agent


FAQs on Health Insurance

When I take my policy out is the cover immediate?
When you take out a medical policy there are certain waiting periods that have to be respected before you can use your policy unless you have changed from one private insurer to another in which case the waiting periods will be removed. Should you need emergency cover then this is covered straight away.
Is pregnancy covered?
You have to have had the policy in place for 8 months before the policy will cover pregnancy.
Is a dental policy included in my policy?
Yes, a full dental policy is included with all the health insurance policies
Am I too old to take out a private health insurance?
There is no age limit for taking out a health insurance
How long will my policy run for?
All health insurance policies are yearly policies, you are not able to take out a short term policy as this does not exist.
Why is the hospital asking me for an authorisation?
Should you need an operation or some type of medical test then you will need to obtain an authorisation code which is a code that basically guarantees that the hospitals and doctors are going to be paid.
I have pre-existing conditions do I have to inform you?
It is so important that you declare pre-existing conditions when taking out health insurance and if you do not then it could end up that you have to pay the medical bills which are very expensive.

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