Peace of mind funeral insurance

The Insurance Centre offers Funeral insurances and plans which take care of all the costs of a funeral or incineration and also repatriation.   The main reason for taking out a funeral insurance in Spain is so that families are not left with the financial burden of paying for funeral fees or repatriation fees and of course our team of advisors are on hand to guide you through the complexities of making arrangements at what can be a very stressful and emotional time.

There are many different plans available so request a quote and our advisors will help you choose the best cover for you and your family.


  • All costs of burial or incineration
  • Obtain the death certificate
  • Include FREE Spanish Will
  • Cancellation of digital data
  • Legal Assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Eco Insurance

What's Included ?

Is it easy for my family and friends to use the policy upon my death?
Yes, it is very easy to use. All they would have to do is contact the 24 Hrs support line and this will put them through to advisors who will then take over and make all the necessary arrangements as regards to the paperwork, funeral, incineration and repatriation etc.
Is it true that funerals are very fast in Spain?
Funerals in Spain do go a lot faster compared to overseas but if family members are due to fly out to be at the funeral this is all taken into consideration and sufficient time is allowed accordingly.
Is it important to have a Spanish Will in place?
It is very important to have a Spanish Will in place and this will cover all your assets and rights here in Spain. If you own a property or a car or only have a bank account you should have a Will in place. You can have your Will written up for free upon taking out the policy.
What is an Eco Funeral?
Eco funerals are very popular nowadays as they have a minimum impact on the environment. An Eco funeral gives you simplicity with its prime target being minimizing the ecological footprint.
Apart from covering funeral expenses, what else is included in the policy?
Also included in the policies is a travel insurance policy covering you for medical expenses on a worldwide basis, psychological support for grief and palliative care and the writing of a Spanish Will.
Can I include my pets on the policy?
The incineration of cats and dogs can also be included on your policy if requested.

Why choose The Insurance Centre?

  • 30 years experience
  • Best prices in Spain
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible & extensive range of insurance products
  • Multi-lingual customer service agents
  • Award-winning agent


FAQs on Funeral Insurance

Who can drive my car?
Anyone over the age of 25 years that has held a license for longer than 2 years
If I have my car insured in Spain, am I covered to drive somebody else's car?
No, In Spain you insure the car not the driver.
If I am insured third party only do I have to pay an excess?
If you are only insured for third party cover then no excess is applicable
If I use the 24 Hrs assistance and I breakdown do I have to pay?
No, you must call the number on the breakdown card and the multilingual assistance team will assist you on getting your car picked up.

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