Peace of Mind Cover for Legal Defense Insurance in Spain

A very popular insurance policy these days is one called ‘legal defense’. It helps people claim that they are required, they are required, they are required, they are required, they are required, and any associated court fees.

There are other advantages to legal defense in Spain as well. It also advises you if you pick up any speeding and other traffic purposes issued in your name. This is very handy as it is common for people not to receive the ends in the post due to many different reasons, meaning you are unaware of any offence. This can result in the ends increasing significantly in their value, up to 3 times the original fine plus 20 euro. When it reaches the public notice board called the BOE (official state bulletin) it really needs to be paid otherwise they can embargo your bank account for the outstanding money, if left unpaid.

It is when it reaches the BOE that the legal defense insurance will pick it up and you will be advised of the debt. They will try and get 50% reduction on the fine, if you pay it swiftly.

Traffic ends are common in Spain with some 2.7 million being issues during 2017 at a total revenue of over 280 million euros.

New radars and ingenious methods of catching out people speeding are occurring on a daily basis making this insurance policy to very appealing one to have.

Find out more about Legal Defense Insurance in Spain by contacting us now . It is not an expensive policy and it could end up saving you money by letting you know you have ends that could be reduced if paid right away.